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HP 338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L ... battery replacement for PAVILION ZD7000 PAVILION ZD7001EA ...

The HP 338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L ... battery is a new replacement battery for original HP laptop computer.HP 338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L ... battery are rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. Good performance, safe used.


  • Li-ion Brand new Laptop Battery
  • Availability : IN STOCK
  • Original Price: £ 69.54
  • Special Price: £ 55.63
  • 100% Q.C. of every product. Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications
  • Repair or replace during the first 90 days
  • one year warranty!
  • 30 days money back warranty!

  Product ID EPHP009 Brand hp  
  Battery Voltage 14.80 V Battery Capacity 6600.00 mAh  
  Battery color dark grey Battery size 272.70x79.05x25.00 mm  
  Battery Partno HP 338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L ...  

Rechargeable HP 338794-001 342661-001 345027-001 DM842A PP2182D PP2182L ... Laptop Batteries Description:

Please make sure the product that you are going to buy fits the model and part number of your original laptop.

Compatible Battery Part NO

    338794-001 342661-001
    345027-001 DM842A
    PP2182D PP2182L

  • Battery Fits Laptop Models


    Media Center ZD7000 Series
    Media Center ZD8210CA
    Pavilion ZD7000 Series
    Pavilion ZD7000-DF867AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DF869AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DF871AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DN730AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DP079AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DP080AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DP081AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DU886AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DU887AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-DU888AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-PD293AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-PD294AV
    Pavilion ZD7000-PD295AV
    Pavilion ZD7001EA
    Pavilion ZD7001EA-DP353E
    Pavilion ZD7001EA-DP763E
    Pavilion ZD7001US
    Pavilion ZD7001US-DM793A
    Pavilion ZD7001US-DM793AR
    Pavilion ZD7005EA-DV269E
    Pavilion ZD7005QV-DR341U
    Pavilion ZD7005QV-DR341UR
    Pavilion ZD7005US
    Pavilion ZD7005US-DP448U
    Pavilion ZD7009EA-DR768E
    Pavilion ZD7010CA
    Pavilion ZD7010CA-DR340U
    Pavilion ZD7010CA-DR340UR
    Pavilion ZD7010EA-DP764E
    Pavilion ZD7010QV
    Pavilion ZD7010QV-DM794A
    Pavilion ZD7010US
    Pavilion ZD7010US-DM788A
    Pavilion ZD7010US-DM788AR
    Pavilion ZD7012EA-DR769E
    Pavilion ZD7015EA
    Pavilion ZD7015EA-DP769E
    Pavilion ZD7015US-DT859U
    Pavilion ZD7015US-DT859UR
    Pavilion ZD7020EA-DV268E
    Pavilion ZD7020US-DR089U
    Pavilion ZD7020US-DR089UR
    Pavilion ZD7030EA-DP765E
    Pavilion ZD7030US
    Pavilion ZD7030US-DM790A
    Pavilion ZD7030US-DM790AR
    Pavilion ZD7035EA-DP768E
    Pavilion ZD7038
    Pavilion ZD7038EA-DR770E
    Pavilion ZD7040EA
    Pavilion ZD7040EA-DP761E
    Pavilion ZD7040EA-DP762E
    Pavilion ZD7040US
    Pavilion ZD7040US-DM789A
    Pavilion ZD7040US-DM789AR
    Pavilion ZD7045EA-DY625E
    Pavilion ZD7048CL-DM792A
    Pavilion ZD7048EA-DV275E
    Pavilion ZD7049EA-DY627E
    Pavilion ZD7050EA-DP767E
    Pavilion ZD7050EA-DP770E
    Pavilion ZD7050US-DT860U
    Pavilion ZD7055EA-DV274E
    Pavilion ZD7058CL
    Pavilion ZD7058CL-DM791A
    Pavilion ZD7058CL-DM791AR
    Pavilion ZD7060EA-DV271E
    Pavilion ZD7063EA-DV272E
    Pavilion ZD7065EA-DY624E
    Pavilion ZD7066EA
    Pavilion ZD7066EA-DV277E
    Pavilion ZD7070EA
    Pavilion ZD7070EA-DP766E
    Pavilion ZD7080EA-DY626E
    Pavilion ZD7101-DP684AS
    Pavilion ZD7101US-DS490U
    Pavilion ZD7101US-DS490UR
    Pavilion ZD7102US-DZ378U
    Pavilion ZD7102US-DZ378UR
    Pavilion ZD7112EA-PB945EA
    Pavilion ZD7120EA-DV276E
    Pavilion ZD7128EA-PB948EA
    Pavilion ZD7129EA
    Pavilion ZD7129EA-DV270E
    Pavilion ZD7131EA-PB946EA
    Pavilion ZD7139EA-PB951EA
    Pavilion ZD7140US
    Pavilion ZD7140US-DS487U
    Pavilion ZD7140US-DS487UR
    Pavilion ZD7141EA-PB949EA
    Pavilion ZD7143EA-PB944EA
    Pavilion ZD7144EA-PB947EA
    Pavilion ZD7145EA-PB950EA
    Pavilion ZD7150EA-DP685AS
    Pavilion ZD7160CA-DZ379U
    Pavilion ZD7160CA-DZ379UR
    Pavilion ZD7160US
    Pavilion ZD7160US-DS488U
    Pavilion ZD7160US-DS488UR
    Pavilion ZD7167EA-PB952EA
    Pavilion ZD7168CL-DS491U
    Pavilion ZD7168CL-DS491UR
    Pavilion ZD7168EA-PB941EA
    Pavilion ZD7168US
    Pavilion ZD7169EA-PB943EA
    Pavilion ZD7170EA-PB942EA
    Pavilion ZD7180US
    Pavilion ZD7180US-DS489U
    Pavilion ZD7180US-DS489UR
    Pavilion ZD7188CL-DS492U
    Pavilion ZD7188CL-DS492UR
    Pavilion ZD7188US
    Pavilion ZD7198CL
    Pavilion ZD7198CL-DV601U
    Pavilion ZD7198CL-DV601UR
    Pavilion ZD7201US-PF168UA
    Pavilion ZD7201US-PF168UAR
    Pavilion ZD7228EA-PH982EA
    Pavilion ZD7229EA-PH986EA
    Pavilion ZD7230EA-PB955EA
    Pavilion ZD7230US-PF169UA
    Pavilion ZD7230US-PF169UAR
    Pavilion ZD7235EA-PH980EA
    Pavilion ZD7236EA-PH983EA
    Pavilion ZD7245EA-PB958EA
    Pavilion ZD7248EA-PH981EA
    Pavilion ZD7249CL-PF166UA
    Pavilion ZD7249CL-PF166UAR
    Pavilion ZD7250EA-PH977EA
    Pavilion ZD7255EA-PB959EA
    Pavilion ZD7256EA-PH985EA
    Pavilion ZD7257EA-PH979EA
    Pavilion ZD7257EA-PH987EA
    Pavilion ZD7258EA-PB954EA
    Pavilion ZD7258EA-PB956EA
    Pavilion ZD7259EA-PH984EA
    Pavilion ZD7260EA-PB953EA
    Pavilion ZD7260US-PF163UA
    Pavilion ZD7260US-PF163UAR
    Pavilion ZD7265EA-PB960EA
    Pavilion ZD7267EA-PH978EA
    Pavilion ZD7269CL-PF167UA
    Pavilion ZD7269CL-PF167UAR
    Pavilion ZD7270EA-PB957EA
    Pavilion ZD7280US-PF164UA
    Pavilion ZD7280US-PF164UAR
    Pavilion ZD7310CA-PM020UA
    Pavilion ZD7310CA-PM020UAR
    Pavilion ZD7310US-PM016UA
    Pavilion ZD7310US-PM016UAR
    Pavilion ZD7320EA-PN599EA
    Pavilion ZD7340EA-PH990EA
    Pavilion ZD7341EA-PN597EA
    Pavilion ZD7342EA-PQ828EA
    Pavilion ZD7348EA-PN590EA
    Pavilion ZD7349EA-PN598EA
    Pavilion ZD7350EA-PH991EA
    Pavilion ZD7360US-PM019UA
    Pavilion ZD7360US-PM019UAR
    Pavilion ZD7373EA-PN603EA
    Pavilion ZD7374EA-PN601EA
    Pavilion ZD7375EA-PH988EA
    Pavilion ZD7376EA-PN596EA
    Pavilion ZD7377EA-PN591EA
    Pavilion ZD7378EA-PN594EA
    Pavilion ZD7379EA-PH989EA
    Pavilion ZD7380 US-PM021UAR
    Pavilion ZD7380EA-PN600EA
    Pavilion ZD7380US-PM021UA
    Pavilion ZD7381EA-PN595EA
    Pavilion ZD7382EA-PQ827EA
    Pavilion ZD7383EA-PN604EA
    Pavilion ZD7385EA-PQ829EA
    Pavilion ZD7389CL-PM018UA
    Pavilion ZD7389CL-PM018UAR
    Pavilion ZD7390EA-PN592EA
    Pavilion ZD7392EA-PN602EA
    Pavilion ZD7395EA-PN593EA
    Pavilion ZD7998US
    Pavilion ZD7998US-DP447U
    Pavilion ZD7999US
    Pavilion ZD7999US-DP446U


    Business Notebook NX9500 Series
    Business Notebook NX9500-PF030UA
    Business Notebook NX9500-PF031UA
    Business Notebook NX9500-PF032UA
    Business Notebook NX9500-PR039UA
    Business Notebook NX9500-PR040UA

    Laptop Batteries Instruction Manual:
    These safety instructions must be read carefully and must be fully understood before attempting to use your laptop battery

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