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HP 346970-001 346971-001 350836-001 371913-001 371914-001 ... battery replacement for HP Pavilion zd8000 zd8000xx zd8001 zd8001AP zd8100 series

The HP 346970-001 346971-001 350836-001 371913-001 371914-001 ... battery is a new replacement battery for original HP laptop computer.HP 346970-001 346971-001 350836-001 371913-001 371914-001 ... battery are rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. Good performance, safe used.


  • Li-ion Brand new Laptop Battery
  • Availability : IN STOCK
  • Original Price: £ 58.44
  • Special Price: £ 46.75
  • 100% Q.C. of every product. Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications
  • Repair or replace during the first 90 days
  • one year warranty!
  • 30 days money back warranty!

  Product ID EPHP035 Brand hp  
  Battery Voltage 14.8V Battery Capacity 6600mAh  
  Battery color Battery size 150.65x116.60x21.10 mm  
  Battery Partno HP 346970-001 346971-001 350836-001 371913-001 371914-001 ...  

Rechargeable HP 346970-001 346971-001 350836-001 371913-001 371914-001 ... Laptop Batteries Description:

Please make sure the product that you are going to buy fits the model and part number of your original laptop.

Compatible Battery Part NO

346970-001 346971-001
350836-001 371913-001
371914-001 371915-001
371916-001 374762-001
378858-001 380443-001
383963-001 383965-001
383966-001 383968-001
846970-001 846971-001
DP390A DP399A

Battery Fits Laptop Models

Pavilion zd8000, Pavilion zd8000xx Series
Pavilion zd8001, Pavilion zd8001AP Series
Pavilion zd8002, Pavilion zd8002AP Series
Pavilion zd8003, Pavilion zd8003AP Series
Pavilion zd8004, Pavilion zd8004AP Series
Pavilion zd8005, Pavilion zd8005AP Series

Pavilion zd8007, Pavilion zd8007EA Series
Pavilion zd8008, Pavilion zd8008EA Series
Pavilion zd8009, Pavilion zd8009EA Series
Pavilion zd8010, Pavilion zd8010EA Series
Pavilion zd8011, Pavilion zd8011EA Series
Pavilion zd8015, Pavilion zd8015EA Series

Pavilion zd8017, Pavilion zd8017EA Series
Pavilion zd8019, Pavilion zd8019EA Series
Pavilion zd8020, Pavilion zd8020EA Series
Pavilion zd8030, Pavilion zd8030EA Series
Pavilion zd8043, Pavilion zd8043EA Series
Pavilion zd8044, Pavilion zd8044EA Series

Pavilion zd8045, Pavilion zd8045EA Series
Pavilion zd8047, Pavilion zd8047EA Series
Pavilion zd8048, Pavilion zd8048EA Series
Pavilion zd8050, Pavilion zd8050LA Series
Pavilion zd8051, Pavilion zd8051EA Series
Pavilion zd8052, Pavilion zd8052EA Series

Pavilion zd8053, Pavilion zd8053EA Series
Pavilion zd8054, Pavilion zd8054EA Series
Pavilion zd8055, Pavilion zd8055US Series
Pavilion zd8060, Pavilion zd8060CA Series
Pavilion zd8060EA,Pavilion zd8060US Series
Pavilion zd8070, Pavilion zd8070EA Series

Pavilion zd8072, Pavilion zd8072EA Series
Pavilion zd8075, Pavilion zd8075EA Series
Pavilion zd8076, Pavilion zd8076EA Series
Pavilion zd8077, Pavilion zd8077EA Series
Pavilion zd8078, Pavilion zd8078EA Series

Pavilion zd8079, Pavilion zd8079EA Series
Pavilion zd8080, Pavilion zd8080CA Series
Pavilion zd8080EA,Pavilion zd8080US Series
Pavilion zd8100, Pavilion zd8100xx Series

Laptop Batteries Instruction Manual:
These safety instructions must be read carefully and must be fully understood before attempting to use your laptop battery

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